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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spiked In The Chest

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I was lying down on a flat surface. I couldn’t see anything. Something or someone spiked me in the chest with something. I was very weak and it was difficult for me to move for some reason. I tried to reach and grab this “spike thing” and pull it out-of and away from my chest. I was partially successful. 

I was thinking maybe this was a Vril type 1 that spiked me?

Friday, February 17, 2017


A few days ago at the cloning centers, they had some big muscled-up celebrity try to intimidate me lol. I’ve been threatened supposedly by aliens before and they think I’m going to be scared of some dude lol. I was in some area that was semi-dark on the ground. This other dude on the ground told the celebrity dude how I did something to him or said something about him to get me in trouble. The celebrity dude had a serious expression on his face and tried to use his size I guess to intimidate me and force me to repeat certain words or a sentence, which I didn’t. I was saying how it wasn’t me or whatever. Then, since that wasn’t working... he got a baseball bat and acted as if he was really going to hit me with it by lowering it towards my head and back up again. He did this a few times while trying to make me repeat what he’s saying, so I can look-like an idiot and show that I’m scared in front of anyone that’s watching. I just said, “noooooo” while having like an angry expression on my face. I supposedly had to fight this muscled-up celebrity this week or next week now, I guess because of what happened. I was angry and wanted to fight the dude on the ground who was responsible for this. I was saying (mentally or verbally) about how I just need a minute (meaning to defeat him). I think they may have paralyzed me or I was partially paralyzed or something because I was going to punch him (more than once lol).

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Recent Events

At the Cloning Centers...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I was in a large room... I was aware (or maybe semi-aware). Somehow I was on my stomach on this device going towards a big pot or whatever full of some chemical thing or boiling something. I said, “I don’t care”. After a little while, I focused on going back to my real body and they deactivated me.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I was aware or semi-aware... There was a door with writing or papers or something attached to it with words on it. I went through a few of them. There was a desk or table and a woman and a man was there. This man told me something that made no sense, like mumbled something. I believe he did this because he knew I was aware and wanted to make me become unaware by confusing the clone me (which has happened before). I said, “I don’t know.” I was given a piece of paper (like a small detention slip or hall pass) with someone else’s name on it and I said or thought about how that’s not my name and then my name was written over this other person’s name (possible instantly due to it being an mk ultra visual?). I guess my level of awareness was going back and forth (like I was sort-of falling for some of the bs that they were doing). Then I heard some other dude say something like, “they leave kids memory suppressed” as he was walking. I said something like, “I know you’re just copying the interview that’s playing near my real body.” I was aware. See, they love to annoy me at the cloning centers by copying certain parts from whatever it is that’s playing near my real body while I’m sleeping. For example, if I’m playing a rap song near my real body while I’m sleeping, they will incorporate like a verse or a few lyrics into my cloning center experience. Anyways, the woman that was there either said something that meant she knew that already (about how I’m right and the dude was copying a part of the interview that was playing near my real body while I was sleeping).  I said like, “okay, what interview”? She was stuttering looking for an answer and I made fun of her imitating her stuttering. I said, “the UK interview” (referring to Donald Marshall’s UK interview). I mentioned Queen (referring to Queen Elizabeth) and then I said like, “Her Majesty would not be pleased”. I don’t really know why I said that but I do know I was trying to be annoying and make it known that I was aware. A little while after, they deactivated me.

Today (Thursday, February 9, 2017)

I was unaware in an mk ultra scenario... I think it was semi-dark or dark. I was in a car and someone that got out of the car or something got shot right in front of me. I knew there were snipers in the area. I put my hands up (while I was sitting in the car like half in and half out) and said, “don’t shoot” a few times (I think). I recall people like trying to steal someone’s car. As they were riding away, I saw someone in the distance with a rocket launcher and immediately ran. They shot and blew up the car. I was still running... saw other people as I ran across the street and sidewalk. I climbed over a fence (or fences) and hid behind something because I saw a car coming in my direction or nearby. Finally, I saw a group of police cars. I went near a policeman and slightly grabbed (?) him and collapsed (because I was tired and whatever) in front of him. They had music playing in the background as if I was in a movie or something. Annoying.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Off With My Head

Today at cloning...

They activated me I believe laying down... I couldn’t see anything as far as I remember. They had what felt like an axe cutting the back of my head. There was a bell ringing in the background simultaneously with each hit. I didn’t feel any pain (maybe slightly... a little confusing). Anyways, I was able to move my arms and hands (and maybe even my head a little), so I tried to pull the axe or whatever away from the back of my head. I was unsuccessful in my attempts. It kept cutting me. I knew I was going to die. It felt weird... When I woke up, I noticed my head and neck didn’t feel good. It was definitely from cloning.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Body Shaking

Sunday, December 4, 2016

I was in a pretty big room with a few things here and there. I was activated lying down on my back on a flat surface. I could see my surroundings but I couldn’t move. My body was shaking uncontrollably. They were shocking my clone or something. I may have been partially in sit-up position at some points during the shaking. My heart or whatever felt like it was going to explode out-of my chest. I don’t think I was 100% aware either because I recall trying to get my family’s attention by yelling for help as if they were there. As I was attempting to yell, nothing came out except for weird sounds that I was unintentionally making. This went on for awhile but hard to guess how long... maybe like twenty seconds? I don’t know. It was a crazy experience. When I woke up, my head (mostly towards the back) didn’t feel good and hurt. It was jerking randomly. The right side of my face felt weird too. If the intent was to scare me or to stop me from posting, they have failed in their attempt.


This is kind-of what it looked-like (my body shaking on a flat surface) but I don't think there was any blood though and I don't think my body was all messed up like this...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Attempts At Scaring Me

Yesterday at cloning (Fri. September 23, 2016)....

I don’t know where I was. It was pretty dark and I was focusing on something. For some reason, I was like chanting or singing in some weird language (reminded me of that woman in an episode from the show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura called Reptilian, which I just so happened to have watched again recently). I kept doing it for a little while... If I recall correctly, I was showing how nothing is going to happen or appear? Hmm... like, “I know there’s no such thing as ghosts, so I guess I’ll try this” type-of attitude. Then, all of a sudden, I seen like a ghost-like figure come out-of no-where (I think towards me). It startled me. I said something (while surprised) about how it’s real. I was unaware the whole time (as far as I remember). At the time of the experience, I thought it was real and happening in real life (because I was unaware) but it was just mk visuals.

Today at cloning (Sat. September 24, 2016)...

I became aware or was already aware from the start. I was annoyed and angry. Confident. I walked around as if I owned the place, like no-one can do anything to me type-of attitude. Anyways, as I was walking, I came across an area that had what looked-like maybe a garage door on a wall. It appeared like something big was about to break through. I heard noise coming from behind the “door” and I saw random areas protruding from the surface when it was being “pounded on” from the back (like how you see in cartoons... fake). I stood there (like maybe ten to twenty feet away) fearless and expressionless (well, I may have had an angry expression on my face lol). I said, “I’m not scared...” After a short time... out-of no-where, comes something that shot straight towards me. I didn’t move. I was expecting some-sort of creature but it appeared to be some big object, like a table or something with junk on it. However, while it was going towards me quickly, I thought I saw some creature or whatever on this object (most like there was no creature “on it”). This sudden realization startled me. They deactivated me. Mission accomplished or at least partially... clowns.

I believe as this thing went towards me, they wanted to make sure they “get me”, so they tweaked the visuals slightly to make me “see” something extra that wasn’t there or wasn’t there before. Then again, I think the whole thing was all an illusion.

I believe the intent behind attempting to scare clones of me or startle me is to cause my real body to die. I guess another reason would be entertainment and to test me. Regardless, I’m there against my will. I hate them.

Monday, September 5, 2016

I Will Killuminati

Today at cloning...

I was in an apartment (just an illusion). It was semi-dark and in some areas it was just dark... There was a small group of people in the living room. There was also what looked-like some-sort of military-type vehicle. It was slowly backing up towards the people that were there. Several people were making sure the path was clear for the vehicle. I was watching nearby... It did this a few times (backing up). Finally, it did so again but this time was different... it went off-course and went into the small group of people. I was shocked and didn’t want to look at the result of what had occurred... I knew that it killed some people and possibly even injured a few. I began to leave (I noticed that I was dressed up as if I was ready to go somewhere) out the back door and some dude stopped me. He was frantic saying how his brother, cousin or something died. I proceeded to leave but remembered that I didn’t have my cellphone with me, so I turned back. I went to a room to get my cell and saw my mother lying down. I told her not to go in the living room because there’s blood everywhere (I was guessing, I didn’t actually see anything because it was dark and I didn’t want to look). I think I mentioned about how people were killed. I was unaware for this experience.

I was extremely tired and weak. I knew it was because of them and they probably wanted me at the cloning centers for some reason or maybe it was simply to hinder me from spreading the info. I don’t like them or anyone telling me what to do. Since I believed it was them making me feel like this, I tried to avoid going back to sleep. Despite my efforts as I was lying down, I accidentally became unconscious...

I was activated in a mark 2 (maybe mark 3) clone. I couldn’t see anything. It felt like someone was slicing the side of my neck/throat with a knife. I was aware or semi-aware.

I was in my room (mk visuals) and some dude that I know from real life came into my room without asking. I was pissed. He was near my computer... I tried to forcefully remove him from the room... I was sitting down (out-of no-where... like I was activated in another clone or something) and facing who I thought was the same person from before. I somehow became aware and I decided to let that dude know. I told him, “I know I’m at the cloning centers. What are you gonna do about it?” It felt really good saying that and it probably showed. The dude smiled as if to say, “it doesn’t matter, we’re still in control” or something like that. I heard some dude’s voice (unknown whether it was the same dude that was in front of me) in my mind say something like, “how do you know?” or “how does he know?” I tried to continue to talk but it wasn’t easy because they did something that affected me being able to voice what I wanted to say. When this happens, I just communicate via the mind (telepathically). I said, “I will killuminati.” I smiled simply because I knew that they really didn’t like the fact that I was aware and that we (the populace) would get them. I walked away and went out a door and saw some stairs going down. I grabbed a good size piece of wood that was against the wall (most likely it too was just mk visuals) in the small hallway. My intention was to get some revenge and hit people with it for activating me there again against my will and bothering me. I thought to myself as I was going down the stairs how it’s all fake (my surroundings) and really  I’m going no-where and I’ll still be in the same spot, essentially. I then turned around and went back up to hit someone or some people. They deactivated me not too long after. I assume because it was harder for them to control me and my experience, since I was aware. :)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Flamethrower Girl

Saturday, July 30, 2016

I was watching a show on my computer and I accidentally fell asleep. They activated me in a mark 3 (?) clone. There was this dude nearby. I was unsure of his intentions. I don’t want to talk to anyone or do anything there. I dissed him... I began yelling out loud like, “I know I’m at the CLONING CENTERS.” “CLONING CENTERS... CLONING CENTERS!” I thought it was funny and I was trying to be annoying because I don’t want to be there. I was hoping to make people aware that they are at the cloning centers and not the astral plane, 5th dimension or whatever. Anyways, as I was doing this, they tried to make it hard for me to talk remotely somehow but it didn’t really work or not as good as they thought it would. I was thinking or expecting at any moment for them to get me with pain but they didn’t. The dude moved away from me... They deactivated me or I woke up randomly.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I was standing somewhere... appeared to be outdoors but I’m sure it was just an illusion. It was daytime. I was in a street and I believe there was a school bus to my left and to my right there was a vehicle. This girl was nearby and she had what looked-like a flamethrower (probably wasn’t even real). I did see some fire come out-of it. It looked as if she was aiming and trying to get some dude that was really close to me. I assume this was to scare me. I felt like I needed to get the hell out-of there. I ran to the right around some parked vehicle and there just happened to be another vehicle (forming an upside-down V shape from my perspective) trapping me, so I turned around and went back... They must’ve added the other vehicle in this mk ultra scenario that I was in unwillingly.

Man how I hate them...